Saturday, May 14, 2016

oops, wrong

Lonnie and I were expecting a visit Friday, from his brother who lives in Florida.
Charlie had emailed to say he was traveling up this way for a wedding and wanted to stop in and see us while he was in the area.

So we got busy Friday morning. Lonnie went to the store for meat to cook on the grill, and then cleaned up the screen porch and swept all the "helicopters" off the back porch.

I vacuumed and dusted inside, cleaned the bathrooms and stuffed the closet with a bunch of random stuff that was laying around.

Then we waited.

Late afternoon and still no word from Lonnie gave him a call...

Oh, that's next Friday that he will be here.   He felt awful about the miscommunication...but we  laughed it off and made firm plans for next week.

Lonnie and I took advantage of a lovely evening in our neat and tidy screen porch and he grilled a couple of the steaks for us.
We agreed that there is nothing like thinking that company is coming, to set us into motion and get things done!

And this...Have you ever had a baked potato to explode in the oven?

This was the first time ever for me, but I did do things a little differently. I had them cooking at a lower temperature, then turned it up to 400 degrees to finish them up.
A couple of minutes later I heard a big POUF!

Nearly the whole inside of one of the potatoes was blown out all over the oven.

The potatoes were done and I just turned off the oven and let the mess dry out in there. Later it swept out easily with a wet paper towel.


  1. Never heard of such a thing. I microwave my "baked" taters. A little oil or grease on whites and reds keep the skin in the edible range, something I don't do with a gator skin tator... 8-9 minutes for 2...

    1. I guess steam can build up inside the potato...seems like I used to stab them with a fork in several places before baking but quit doing it somewhere along the line.

      We like the skins too! Yeah, but not the gator kind,lol!