Tuesday, May 31, 2016

a day no mulch was spread

I planned to spread mulch yesterday but it turned hot and humid early in the day.  So I watered some of the new plants and trees in the morning, and filled the bird baths, then came inside to do some sewing.

All I need is one last brown border on this quilt and the top will be finished. Then, on to the basting and quilting!

I had a little trouble with the parallelogram border. It kept stretching as I was sewing it and that can cause puckers. I tried to press it into submission with the iron.  After it's quilted it should be fine.

Later, I went back outside, thinking I would spread the mulch...but the wheelbarrow was still full of the last load of stuff I pruned off the lilac bush.  
I had to dump it in the burn pile.
I don't like for the burn pile to get too big, or rabbits might build a nest in there and I would be afraid I would roast their babies when I finally started a fire.

So, I had to go ahead and burn it all...and since I had a fire, I gathered up other fallen sticks and branches, and also some small limbs I had trimmed out of trees earlier this year.

You can see below, back on the right...I haven't burned all of those pine branches yet either. I threw a couple of them on the fire, but mostly I've been dragging them back to the sink hole a few at a time.

It was nearly dark by the time the fire burned down enough that I could leave it.

That's the story of how I didn't get any mulch spread!

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