Thursday, June 2, 2016

keepsake corsage

 I was at my parents for a visit earlier this week, and my Mom had something interesting to show me...

It's her wedding corsage...from 1958!   It looks pretty good when you consider it's been around for 58 years.
It's a bit yellowed, but overall it's in good shape.

She said she found it laying in the bottom of her closet. It must have gotten squashed out of a box when things were being moved around on the top shelf.

She wore a dark blue suit to get married in, so you can picture how crisp the white corsage looked on her shoulder.

Donna and Mom and Dad.

I wish I had thought to try and take a picture of their wedding picture to add here.  They didn't have a lot of photos taken that day, but I think I remember one that had been enlarged and colorized.
I'll have to find out more about that!

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