Monday, June 6, 2016

rule this one out

I have been trying out some recipe ideas for the upcoming "Chocolate Dessert Contest" at the Bullitt County Fair.
So far, I haven't found anything that might have a chance of winning. This is the second of two roll-up type cakes I've made.
The one from the first recipe I tried, was tasty, but crumbled when I tried to roll it.

Then I thought of how my Pumpkin Roll cake always rolls up nicely - so for this second try, I used that recipe and added cocoa but left out the ginger and nutmeg.
Yep, it was a pumpkin chocolate cake!

The pumpkin kept it moist and easy to roll. I filled it with a mix of melted semi sweet chocolate, cream cheese, and powdered sugar.  My family thought it tasted okay but not extraordinary....except for my husband,  he. wouldn't. even. eat. it.  

We had it for  dessert on Sunday - after our meal of "breakfast for dinner".
Thick cut bacon, spicy hot sausage, pre-made hash browns, homemade biscuits and gravy, eggs, waffles, ham and swiss crescent braid, and honey lime fruit toss

I've got just over a week to come up with something good and chocolatey for the contest.
I will enter something, even if I don't think it has a chance of winning.
It's fun, and the more participants there are, the more likely they will continue holding the contest each year.

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