Wednesday, June 15, 2016

taking in my fair entries

The Bullitt County Fair is being held this week.  
Monday morning, I took in a few things to enter.  Probably not ribbon winning type items, but it's fun to enter and the real ribbon winners will feel better if they have a little competition!

Workers were there getting things set up for the fair. The carnival rides were in place.

So here's the building where you drop off your entries, and where they will be exhibited.
I see my friend, Susan, up there in the center (in the peach colored top).  She not only had entries in the textiles categories, she also had items for horticulture categories, and some of her grandchildren's craft items for the youth categories.

The ladies who are checking in the entries are all members of Bullitt County Homemakers. Standing behind them are some helpful teen volunteers who take the items and place them back on the tables in the correct category for the judging later in the day.

 My turn. The ladies are fast and efficient.  That's the back side of my quilt that you see laying there lumped on the table. I also a had couple of other small items to enter.

This year I entered my Sugar Cookies too.

I always think they are so easy to make, but it's a little different when you know they will be judged!
Also, it's hard to get them to come out looking alike!  I made a half batch and those four were as close to the same size as I could get.  Thank goodness all you need to enter are 4 cookies!

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