Tuesday, June 21, 2016

county fair ribbon winners

The Bullitt County fair has ended and it was pick-up day for items that were entered.

Bear in mind that this is a small county fair, with not a lot of competition in some of the entry categories, but I did get a ribbon on everything I entered.

In the center you see that last quilt I finished. I got a 1st place blue ribbon in the "machine pieced/machine quilted category.
To the right of that is my small quilt in Christmas fabrics...it won 2nd place in "holiday quilts", and also a 2nd place win for the small Christmas stocking. Stockings had their own category.

On the left is my big 3rd place ribbon that I received in the "Chocolate Dessert" contest, and beside it is a 1st place ribbon for my Sugar Cookies (photo below).    That pile of cash is a total of $36 in prize money!

I had also taken a few wood crafted items that the Sasquatch made and entered them in his name.  The competition was more fierce in the wood categories, with things like a table and stool made from whiskey barrels, carved wooden boxes and a toy dump truck made of wood.

So, I feel like he came out pretty good too...with 2nd place for his bottle stopper in the "miscellaneous woodcraft" category and a 3rd place ribbon on his "natural wood" miniature vase.
In the center is his wood pencil, which is one of my favorites, but no ribbon for that. Prize money for him was $5.

This year, I had a chance to walk around and look at the rest of the fair...and it really is small. Just that one building of exhibits and booths. The rest is the carnival rides and food booths.
There are events each evening...like beauty pageants, truck pulls, cattle judging, frog jumping, watermelon eating and so forth. I haven't been to any of those. 
Maybe next year!


  1. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS Miss Darla on your entries and winning ribbons.....GREAT !!! You done well!!! and your son did really good too....Talented family!!! Diane K

    1. Thank you, Diane. It's fun to enter the small contests...seems like the old fashioned fairs we see in movies.