Tuesday, June 28, 2016

movie matinee

A cool dark theater is a nice escape on a hot humid afternoon...and we just happened to have a gift card...for Xscape, the newest theater in Louisville.

(I keep wondering why they chose that spelling of the name. It kinda makes you think it's an X-rated theater - but it's not)

There wasn't anything we particularly wanted to see, but we finally settled on "The Conjuring II", a horror movie, even though we aren't normally fans of that genre.

When we were getting our tickets, the cashier told us their "gift card reader" wasn't working that day. We just stood there, waiting for her to come up with a solution.
She just stood there waiting for Lonnie to pony up some cash... then, when the line started backing up behind us, she called a manager over and he told us we would get in for free!
Pretty nice!

The best thing about this new theater is that they have big, soft reclining seats!  So comfy!

The movie had lots of scary parts and was entertaining, but after it's over you start thinking about all the holes in the plot and realize how goofy it really was.

Looks like we'll have to go back and try that gift card again on another scorching afternoon!

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