Friday, June 17, 2016

sewing day

My quilt group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, had our monthly "play day". It's the day we meet and just work on our own projects.

Usually not many from the group show up for these days...mostly just a few regulars.

Here is my friend, Shirley, holding up a baby quilt she's working on.  The baby isn't due until October, but she just found out the baby shower is next month - so she has to kick into high gear and get it finished up!

The block she's using is named "Aunt's Choice"...and she is the great aunt to the baby-to-be!
The centers are this cute Winnie the Pooh fabric.

Phyllis brought this U of L themed quilt she is making for one of her sons. She had planned to make it sized for a throw, for his couch...but he told her he would like it larger - long enough to cover his feet! 
She will be adding red and black borders. That will be a striking quilt!

Here is my friend, Sandy. She is always bustling around so it's hard to get a picture of her that isn't blurred by movement!
She is crocheting a brightly colored baby afghan.

Back behind Sandy to the left, you can see my little black Singer machine set up. 
I was sewing along just fine until I had to change the bobbin...then nothing was working right. I kept trying different things with no luck - until I noticed the metal bobbin was bent down on one side.
Wound a new bobbin and it was smooth sailing again!  A lot of wasted sewing time trying find the problem, though.

Carol had such a cute project. She had fabric printed with paper dolls, which she cut out and ironed fusible fleece on the back to keep them from raveling and give them some body.

Each doll has a set of clothes too.

There were a lot more clothing cut-outs - I wouldn't have been able to get them all in the photo!

I bought some of this same fabric a few years ago (2010).  I had kept the sections intact and used them to make this little quilt for my mother, who collects dolls and paper dolls.


After seeing how cute Carol's dolls are, I'm wishing I had more of the fabric to make a set of paper dolls like hers!

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