Friday, June 10, 2016

all in a day

I am helping Lonnie out with the deck sealing, by rolling the stain on the flat boards.  He got the kind of sealer that's thick and has some texture mixed in.
I went through that three gallon bucket and it looks like we'll need another one in order to finish up.

In the hot part of the day, I came inside and spread out the finished quilt top  and started pin basting it.  I cut the backing a little too skimpy (you can't see it here). There is enough but it's very close.  
Didn't get it completely pinned  - I'll finish another day.

I had bought one of those giant tray's of chicken legs for cheap at the grocery and marinated them for Lonnie to cook on the grill.
He still hasn't bought a new grill yet, and the old one wouldn't light, so he cooked them on this little electric grill. 

They took awhile but came out pretty good. I cut up veggies for a mini "salad bar" , and we ate out on the screen porch. 

Later, I saw another snake. Larger and with a pattern.  Then I noticed something really weird. The smaller black snake I saw a few days ago was crawling about 15 feet behind this one.

I couldn't get them both in a photo- they were too far apart.  I wondered if the small snake was looking for a fight, or a meal, or a mate?

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