Friday, June 24, 2016

storming outside, sewing inside

One of my quilt groups meets at the extension office in the evening.  This month, nearly everyone was late because traffic was stopped and backed up both ways.

But we all made it in before a huge thunderstorm moved into the area.

As usual, the ladies were wotking on lots of interesting projects.

Linda was pin basting this quilt for a young toddler.
I should have taken a close-up of the fabrics. It's all different colors of bandana fabric. Very cute!

Jan was in the final stages of getting a top assembled that had been a "mystery quilt".
She is working with all polka dot fabrics in red, white and black. 

Below, Lee is making a quilt with these log cabin blocks, all in wild and colorful prints. She has a talent for knowing what fabrics look good together.   Look - even her shirt sorta matches her quilt blocks colors!
Last month when Lee and I were talking, we discovered we went to the same high school at the same time. We were in different grades though.

Rita likes to sew by hand.  Look how tiny these hexagon flowers are that she is making!  Her plan is to applique them to solid white (or maybe color) blocks when she has enough for a quilt.
Rita is expecting an order of more of these '30s fabrics when a new line of them is rleased in a couple of months.

Joan had 400 green and white squares that she was sewing together. I will have to find out next time what kind of a pattern she is working on.

Get ready for this one....

Isolde's Mariner's Compass quilt.  Isn't this a beauty!  A real work of art.  Isolde has been working on this one off and on for several years.  Now she is finishing up just in time to enter it in the state fair this year.
She will sure have a lot of admirers of this quilt!  She has machine quilted this one herself.

(Those clips around the edge are just there to hold the binding on while she sews it down,)

Not many brought their May block of the month. Only three of us. 
Mine is the non-purple one in the middle.

And here is mine with the blocks I've made so far on this quilt. Right now it looks like that blue "snowflake" block doesn't belong, but I'll be using more blue in next month's block so that will help to balance things out.

I haven't been doing much sewing at home so I can't figure out why my sewing room is in such an uproar. I need to get it straightened up and begin quilting that flying goose quilt I have been working on.

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