Monday, June 20, 2016

no water

I woke up and made coffee Sunday morning, but a few minutes later, when I went to fill a pot with water to cook noodles for macaroni salad, just a trickle of water came out...then it completely stopped.

Yes - we did pay our water I called the water company to report the problem, then woke Lonnie up to tell him he might as well sleep a while longer (hee hee) since he couldn't shower and get ready for Sunday school.

I really figured the problem would be taken care of pretty quickly and I could start prep work for Sunday dinner as usual.  But no...we didn't have water until nearly 1:00.

Meanwhile, I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out what I can cook without water.
I had planned on bratwurst and sausages on the grill - no problem there.
A can of Busch's baked beans with bacon added - okay.
Had most of the ingredients for Texas Cole Slaw, though I had to improvise some ranch dressing.
And how about Scalloped Tomatoes, easy enough.

Hmmm, now what about the potatoes? We had wet-wipes to clean our hands but I didn't think those would be appropriate for cleaning potatoes.

So, I have to admit, I went out and scooped up a bowl of water from the pool, to wash the green peppers and potatoes.  I wouldn't have used pool water for cooking, but I thought it would be okay for rinsing, since both items were cooked afterward.

No one will ever want to eat here again, right?

Lonnie fired up his new grill and he did a fine job of cooking the sausages. 
The no-water challenge made cooking dinner more interesting and makes one think about what they'd do in a real emergency. 

Dessert was some of the chocolate cake left over from the contest, but I also baked these cookies from a mix that the Sasquatch brought over for us to try.

Yep, Maple Bacon cookies.

I had noticed those mixes in the grocery back last Christmas and I was curious about them.
It turned out that they were okay - fun to try- but we wouldn't want them again.

It was Fathers Day, and I had taken this Coconut Cream pie over to my Dad a couple of days before.
My sister usually takes him a sweet treat on Fathers Day too. This way he can spread out his goodies over a few days time.

I have given up on ever making a pretty, non-weepy meringue, so I took a bowl of sweetened whipped cream on the side (easier to transport that way).


  1. All looks good to me Darla....pool water ??? hummmmm....thinking on that one..time the grandkids get done in it..But then again I know we can all count on you at the many times we needed things done..Darla comes through..I don't make meringue either....COOL WHIP !! DianeK

    1. Cool never lets us down, does it? Not like that fickle meringue, and it tastes better too!