Wednesday, June 22, 2016

we're surrounded

My friend, Diane, didn't like seeing those photos of snakes in the yard, that I posted here a couple of weeks ago.
So Diane, if you are reading this, look away now!

I was just going up the stairs, when I glanced over toward the front window, where that stupid Cardinal is always fighting his reflection. Instead of the cardinal, I noticed something black caught on the creek rock just outside the window.

He was moving verrrry slooooowly.   I was wishing that cardinal would show up and the snake would eat him...and put an end to that annoying pecking and smacking on the window!

It's funny, we had occasionally been laying this black plastic snake inside on the windowsill - trying to scare the cardinal away.  It had even startled me a couple of times when I forgot about putting it there. 

I got tired of watching Mr. Snake and went on about my business. When I checked again, he was gone...but I will remember him the next time I have to squeeze behind those shrubs to wash windows!

The next day, at the other front window, Squirrel appeared...searching around in the shrubs for helicopters (maple tree seeds) that were caught in the branches.

And, this is a horrible photo, but a big golden reddish deer was in the back yard eating some of the immature pears that the squirrels pick and drop on the ground.  He saw my movement at the window and spun around and bounded into the woods.

I've also seen three small raccoons together, in that same area..also scrounging around for pears, but can't get a good photo of them at all.


  1. Well that did I no longer will wash windows on the outside....will put Tommy out there and I will do the inside...I think "Mister Sneaky Snake" has adopted you guys....just so he stays in your area...not mine..I would be passing out !!! HUGS Diane K

    1. Diane, I told you not to look, lol!