Monday, June 13, 2016

Russell Springs Fair

I read an article, either in the AAA magazine or our electric co-op magazine, saying what a big and nice county fair they hold in Russell Springs.

The only county fair I've ever been to is the one here in Bullitt County (which starts this week), so I was kind of curious to see what other counties do.

Russell Springs is smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, but Lonnie and I thought going to the fair might be a nice opportunity for a scenic drive on the back roads.  That's really the only way to get there...state roads and county roads...the interstates don't go anywhere near it!

They had a big carnival set -up...

He doesn't know it yet, but we're going to ride one of those rides before we leave!

We got there in time for a horse racing event that sounded fun to watch...and we waited and waited.
The bleachers were hard but at least we were in the shade.  Finally, they got started.

We saw the horses run by in about 7 seconds - then they were on the other side of the track and we were just sitting there staring at the dirt.

Then we waited some more.
The next race was a mule team race - but there was only one contestant.

Aren't mules bigger than this?  Are these donkeys?

After another long wait, we watched one more race then strolled around looking at everything.  
They had an exhibit hall with all the quilts, crafts, artwork, baked and home canned goods that had been entered for judging.  
We watched a chain saw carver and looked at the booths, then started making our way back to the car.

"Wait!  Let's ride these flying swings!"

"No, you probably have to go somewhere else to buy the tickets"

"It's included in the admission. Come on. they're loading"


Nice and breezy!

Going a little higher!


 Look down there! The people look like ants!

That was fun but it was the only ride we tried.

It was a lovely drive there and back. Through a lot of farm country. Farmers out baling hay and loading it on wagons.  Not many people on the road. Clear, sunny blue skies.

Lonnie had his eye out for a barbecue joint, but no luck this time. Not a lot of food choices at all really.  We ended up eating at a Taco Bell...which was fine with me!

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