Tuesday, July 26, 2016

careful with your wire grill brush

I have heard stories of people accidentally swallowing a wire from one of the wire bristle grill cleaning brushes.
The wires can break off as you are scrubbing the grill grates, stick to the grate, then later, stick to the food.
This report I read, said about 130 people per year end up in the emergency room with one of these wires stuck in their throat, stomach or intestinal tract.

Seems like you would feel something like that in your mouth as you were chewing but strange things happen.

This photo isn't my husband's grill brush.  He threw his away.

Not because of swallowing a bristle, but because of getting one stuck in his thumb when he was cleaning the grill.

It was nearly all the way in, but not straight in, more like under his skin.
All that was sticking out was the bent end on the right!
I was able to pull it out...some blood but not a lot.

Imagine having that stuck in your throat!

We'll have to shop around for a different type of brush or scrubber for the grill.

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