Saturday, July 9, 2016

unproductive garden

Our vegetable patch isn't giving us any thing to brag about.  

The tomato plants are sturdy and leafy but the tomatoes aren't even thinking about getting ripe.

I have a couple of Japanese eggplants that might be ready to pick soon.

Also yellow squash.  No zucchini yet. 

The green peppers are a lost cause. They have some sort of blight or something.

Disappointing so far but maybe things will improve.

Except for going down the road to a quilt group meeting, the Jeep has been staying in the driveway this week because it's leaking power steering fluid. I carried an extra bottle of it with me, in case it started leaking really bad.
It's only a hose that's leaking and the Sasquatch should be able to fix it this weekend.

My husband keeps telling me it's time for a new vehicle but I think this Jeep will keep going for a few years yet.  If it doesn't rust apart!

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