Saturday, July 2, 2016

quilting time

We got a bit of rain about mid-morning yesterday.  
That made me think it would be a good time to do some machine quilting. I like to sew when it rains!

Each time before I start quilting on my machine, I do some stitching on a scrap quilt sandwich (top, batting back).  I try out different thread colors and designs and check to be sure the tension is right on the top and the back.

About the time I got started quilting - the rain stopped. I decided to go ahead with it anyway.

I have a small counter height rolling table that I park next to my machine table. It helps to support the weight of the quilt as I sew.

Sometimes I listen to the radio or comedy shows on Netflix while I work. This time I was watching YouTube videos of my favorite quilting instructor/designer/ author, Bonnie Hunter.

I had considered using a brown variegated thread for the quilting...but went with a light gold color instead.

It stands out more than I would like against the dark fabrics but once it's all finished it will be fine.

On the back, I used the brown fabric that I had originally bought for sashing and borders but had decided it wasn't dark and chocolatey enough.
It's a nice brown though and has a nice smooth, soft feel to it - perfect for a back.

There wasn't quite enough of the brown, though...but I had some teddy bear fabric that coordinates pretty well with it.  And those bears are cute!

I have the hardest part behind me now - quilting the center of the quilt. It gets easier to slide it around as you work out toward the edges.
It's hard to stay out of the sewing room...I keep wanting to go in there and work on this quilt some more!

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