Thursday, July 21, 2016

group sewing day

It was a "play day" for members of my quilting group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees.  No business meeting - just sewing and talking in the big room at the senior center.

A couple of the ladies had brought in some fabrics and scraps to give away.  Sandy had a few bags of scraps someone had given her...and Jackie had been sorting through her fabric and giving away things she figured she'd never use.

So we all rummaged around and picked out some pieces that caught our eye.

Shirley has been working on this strip quilt. She made it from leftovers of another quilt that is even prettier than this one.  She added a red border on it after I took the photo - it will be a striking quilt!

Joyce brought a quilt made with strips too...

...and she also brought some tee shirt quilts to show to our new member, Sandy C.

Here is another of Joyce's tee shirt quilts - this one with a Marine theme.

Phyllis was helping Charlotte with a pattern layout.  

I think there was a problem with some missing pieces. I hope Charlotte finds them so she can finish up this cute little quilt.

Sandy was cutting some fabric squares that will end up in charity boxes that her church is assembling.   

I think they will be added with needles and thread (also toiletries,snacks, etc) for  teenage girls (in Africa maybe?) to encourage them to learn to sew.

An extra photo of Sandy since she looked so pretty!

I can't say that I got much accomplished while I was there.  By the time I dug around in the freebie fabric and discussed all the possibilities of what each piece could be used for, an hour had passed.
Then of course I had to go around and see what others were working on.

I did get one block cut and sewn together. I will show that project once I finished up my big quilt.

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