Saturday, July 30, 2016

time to dig some holes

Why was everyone staring as I was driving home from Lowes?

Oh, these?    Well...there was a sale!

There were no signs up but an employee told me that everything on the clearance racks was half off the clearance price.   

A couple of other ladies and myself, all went into a frenzy...reading labels and hoisting perennials and shrubs onto our flatbed carts!  It was all very civil - no shoving or hair pulling.

I came away with that large Viburnum and 4 smaller Viburnums of a different kind. On the left is a couple of a Astilbes, then in front is a Liatris (I've never had one) and 2 different kinds of Sedum.

There was a lot of stuff I didn't buy. I was tempted by the Knockout Roses...but then remembered that I don't like anything with thorns.  Some of the plants were ones I have tried and didn't have good luck with...or ones that I already have.

I was really glad to get those Viburnums at a good price.   I've been wanting to add more shrubs here and there.  They are good for breaking up a big expanse of grass without the commitment of a tree, although the tags on these said they could get up to 10 feet tall.

Unrelated, but I saw a Black Vulture at the birdbath again this year.
Last year it was a mother and (big) baby that came to drink there several times.  Surely this bird must be one from that seemed very confident approaching the birdbath and hopping up there.

Well, I'm off to see if the ground is soft enough to dig some holes for planting shrubs!

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