Thursday, July 14, 2016

Whittles and vittles

Members of my quilt group, Mt Washington Quilting Bees, had a day scheduled to meet and carpool to Whittles, a discount fabric store in Smiths Grove, Kentucky.

It's over an hour away but the time passed fast because we were all talking.

The store looks small from the outside...

But inside, it's jammed with fabric!

There is so much fabric it's hard to make a decision!

Linda made her choices quickly.

I had made a list of what I needed to finish a couple of projects then headed to the clearance section first. I found a couple of things there...

But then, I had to get a cart as I found more and more pretty stuff. By the time I was ready to go to the cutting table I had this.....

But I changed my mind on 3 of the fabrics and put them back.  

Besides fabric, thread, and batting - they also sell cemetery floral arrangements. I think that was their original business and the fabric sales came later.

Jan, Charlotte and Shirley are looking them over while they wait for the rest of us to have our fabric cut.

That's a big rack of quilt patterns behind Joyce, Barbie and Nina.

Good and fast service. They had us all taken care of and then had the shop back in order before we were even out the door.

On the way back we were in a traffic jam for a long time.  We were starving when we finally made it to "Whistle Stop" in Glendale.

Good food and huge portions. Almost everyone had to ask for a "to go" box. 

We all had a nice time. On the way home one of the ladies was telling us about Montgomery, Indiana and the quilt shops and an Amish restaurant there.
We are going to bring it up at the next meeting and see if members of the group would be interested in making that our next day trip.
Sounds like fun to me!

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