Friday, July 15, 2016

garden veggies

Finally, I was able to pick some vegetables from our garden.

Two Japanese eggplants and two yellow squash.

I sauteed both together in a little butter and olive oil until they were just tender crisp.  I like a sprinkle of salt and parmesan cheese on mine.   

I also tried a chicken recipe...Chicken Marsala.  I really like it when I order it at Carrabba's, but I tried making it at home a few years ago and it was nothing like what was served at the restaurant.

 I wanted to try again.  The recipe is on the bottle of Marsala cooking wine that I bought at Kroger.  I'm sure real Marsala wine would taste a lot better.

Basically, you saute mushrooms in butter...

Add the Marsala, salt, pepper and parsley.

Saute the chicken breasts. The recipe said to pound them and lightly bread them - but I just sliced them in half to make two thin pieces from each.

Then pour the mushroom combination over the chicken and simmer for a few minutes until the sauce is reduced.   I added a teaspoon of chicken base to the sauce as well.

It was okay but not great.  I think it might be better without the Marsala...just chicken and mushrooms (and the side of brown rice - not shown).

Now, I have over half a bottle of the Marsala cooking wine left.  I will have to look for more recipes that I can use it with.

*** Edited one day husband ate the leftover Chicken Marsala and said "Boy, this is really good".   Well, that's a surprise to me. I guess there won't be a problem using up the rest of the bottle, after all!

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