Monday, July 11, 2016

random Sunday stuff

Lonnie really likes his new grill and he wonders why he waited so long to replace the old one.
I asked him to cook out some hamburgers and cheeseburgers for Sunday dinner.

I had it easy...made black beans with ham, Crash Hot Potatoes, and southwest salad.
No Bake cookies for dessert.

I cooked the black beans using a bag of dried beans. Usually I use canned or jarred beans because it seems like I have trouble getting the dried beans cooked properly. 
They're either crunchy or mushy...nothing in between.  These came out okay.  I'm going to try the dry ones more often to see if I can improve.

The Sasquatch brought more cucumbers from his garden. A lot of them, but I might not get any more for awhile...he is going to be using them to start a crock of pickles working.

These are so much better than the cucumbers at the store! 

There were only three of us for dinner this week because Chopper went to a concert in Nashville and didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning. The concert lasted until late and there's an hour time difference.

He and some friends (that he's had since high school), went to see "Guns N' Roses", a band that was in their heyday when Chopper and friends were in middle school and high school.
Great that they could see them together all these years later!

He emailed me a couple of photos.

They had good seats close to the stage (it was in a big outdoor stadium), and there were large screens on each side with close-up of the musicians.  
They had a fun time!

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