Monday, July 18, 2016

family reunion

My husband's family had their family reunion this past weekend. This time it was in Nashville. A lot of family members live there or live near by. It's about a two and a half hour drive for  us.

Two of Lonnie's grandchildren rode down with us...Darby, who just happened to be up from Florida for a brief visit with family members here, and her brother, Dylan.

They are both energetic and upbeat and fun to talk to.  This is just before we left the house that morning.

A nephew had the event at his house. It's a gorgeous place!  Lots for the little kids to do...swimming, trampoline, and a big swing set.  Of course the moms and dads had to stay glued to the pool area to keep an eye on their little swimmers!

This is looking back toward the house from the pool area. They had a water mist fan pointed toward a covered outdoor seating area.  That was a popular place to gather!  
That's Wendy, our hostess seated on the lounger.

Here's Darby, Lonnie, Zack (a nephew), and Dylan  in that seating area.

Also our host, Britt (seated),  Brian(a nephew), two Adams(one a neice's husband and the other a nephew)...then Lonnie's brother, Don.   I'd be willing to bet that conversation is about buisness!

Then later on, the three brothers did have a short meeting inside.
That's Lonnie, Don and Charlie.

At past reunions, everyone brought a dish to share, or a box of fried chicken. This time they had the food catered.  It was the family favorite...Barbecue, beans, coleslaw, potato salad, green beans. 
Less waste that way and easier for everyone.

Their house is beautiful inside too - and quite large! 

Everybody out of the pool...

Clockwise below, Darby, Terri (Lonnie's sister), Lonnie, Dylan, Betty (Lonnie's sister) and me. 

There were maybe 50 to 60 people there. Here is Lonnie with his brothers and sisters...
Don, Betty, Terrie, Lonnie, Mary, Charlie.  
Everyone misses brother Jimmy, who passed away in January.

And again.  They always enjoy each other's company.

We had good weather for the day. It was hot, but no thunderstorms like had been in the forecast.

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