Tuesday, July 5, 2016

the birds and the bees

A few weeks ago the Sasquatch was moving stuff around in his shed and noticed a big pile of fluffy goose down in a corner... inside were a few largish eggs.

He didn't see the goose that made the nest until a few days later. She was going in and out through an open window not too far off the ground.    She would hang around awhile - maybe laying more eggs - then finally she began setting on them.

It's funny that she chose that spot. She walked a pretty good distance from his neighbor's farm pond, was brave enough to jump in that open window and browse around in there for a good nesting spot.

According to info on the internet, the babies should be hatching soon. The Sasquatch was wondering if they would be able to get out of the shed through that same window when the time comes...so he has been leaving the shed door open in the daytime and closing it each night.

Mama Goose had pushed one of her eggs away from the nest.  After it was there a couple of days the Sasquatch removed it.  Here is that egg compared to a regular chicken egg.  

I hope we get to see some photos of the baby geese before Mama takes them off to the pond.

Also the Sasquatch took these amazing close-up photos of bees that were collecting nectar from his "Rose of Sharon" bushes.  He had noticed that the bees were so weighed down with pollen that it was hard for them to fly.

Zooming in. You can see the tiny grains of pollen clinging to the bee's furry body and legs!

Look at that big eye! You can even see the tiny claws on his feet.

This one had landed on his car roof rack for a rest, and seemed to be trying to clean some of the pollen off.

So interesting to really get a good look at these busy little creatures.

He said the bees didn't really seem to be bothered by him getting so close to them.  They were just busy doing their job.

Still wishing I could get good photos like these.

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