Tuesday, July 12, 2016

screen porch sewing

The Sasquatch didn't get to replace the leaky hose on my Jeep over the weekend. The hose had to be ordered and wasn't in until Monday morning.

Since the leak wasn't too bad, I just picked up the hose and drove over to his house so he could work on it there. Easier anyway since his tools are there.

The part wasn't expensive and he had it repaired pretty quickly.

He also noticed a screw sticking in one of my tires.  He got his tire plug kit out but when he removed the screw, it was a short one and was barely in the rubber. No plug necessary.

When I got home, the screen porch looked so shady and inviting...I went in the house and gathered up a sewing machine and some supplies and set up out there to sew awhile.

Oh, and I made that enormous cup of iced coffee.  
I am trying to use that cup as much as possible. I bought a $5 lemonade in it at a county fair we went to and I want to get my money's worth out of it!

Below, is a "quilt block holder/folder".  Several of us in my Mt. Washington Quilting Bees group made these in a class at our last meeting. 
There are 3 flaps...2 of them have a stiff foam board sewn inside.

One flap has a flannel square sewn on it. You can set it up like a display board and use it to keep your pieces in order as you are sewing a quilt block.  The fabric clings to the flannel (unless the ceiling fan is on!) 
 Then you can fold your finished quilt blocks inside to keep them nice and neat between sewing sessions, or to take them to and from meetings.

While I was sewing, this deer came out of the woods to have some pears for an afternoon snack. I don't think he could see me inside the porch. He disappeared back into the trees when he'd had his fill.

It was a good way to spend a pleasant, non-humid, nice weather afternoon.

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