Wednesday, July 27, 2016

food hoarding

Kroger had a good deal on these frozen turkey breasts.  They were $1.29 per pound (regular price was $2.99).  These are quick and easy to cook in the pressure cooker - so I bought three of them.

I probably would have bought more if I'd had room for them... 

Bear in mind that photo was taken right after I got home from the grocery and hurriedly stuffed things in the fridge, since I brought the groceries home in my un-air conditioned Jeep. It looked better later after I did some organizing.

But, I do buy too much food!  Especially this time of year when the fruits and veggies are at their best. 
I am pretty good at rotating and managing it though, so we very seldom throw food away.
At least I know better than to buy a deep freeze. I'd fill it up. That would be too much!

My canned and dry goods cabinets are about that full too.  I like to have things on hand so I can easily put together a meal or make a soup.

  Here is something different I noticed at the store...Truffle Dust.  I had just been reading another blogger who was saying how good truffle salt is.  I thought this might be similar so I bought a jar.  
I tasted a sprinkle of it and I think it would add a nice rich taste to foods that "need something".
It's probably good on popcorn too!

Now, I wish I could see a snapshot of the inside of your fridge!  Do you keep a lot of food on hand or just go to the store more often? 


  1. Hi Darala- My frig is usually half empty... lol

    1. That's good to know Lee...I might need to rent out some extra fridge space from you!

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