Wednesday, March 9, 2016

asian lady beetles - go home!

Yesterday, with the warm temperatures, Asian lady beetles were crawling out of the woodwork by the dozens...coming out of hibernation, I guess.

They must be spending the winter in the walls or the attic - then when they wake up they have no idea which way is outside.  Once they are inside they crawl around constantly looking for "the way".

I think they are attracted to our house because of the rock facing and the light exterior color.
These are photos from three different south facing rooms - which they prefer.

We've been having this problem for nearly 20 years...some years worse than others.  
I kept hearing that it would ruin your vacuum cleaner to vacuum them up, so I used to try knocking them down with a broom and sweeping them up. You can't smash them - they leave a stain...and a stink.

Then one day, one of the beetles flew into my older son's mouth just as he was taking a bite of food...crunch!  It made him so mad he got the shop vac and vacuumed them all up.
So we learned  they don't harm the vacuum at all!

Now, Lonnie does the lady bug patrol with the shop vac.  It's frustrating because no more than 10 minutes after vacuuming, a whole new batch of them are there.

Those little beetles can give a painful bite if they want to, One had gotten under the sheets last week and bit me on the back, hard enough to wake me up in the middle of the night.

And, they leave some kind of "spots" where they've been crawling around. Hate 'em!

Now for something more pleasant. I took advantage of the lovely afternoon and sat out on the porch to begin sewing the binding down on that quilt with the purple back. 
To keep it from getting grubby from brushing against everything, I stuck it down into a clean pillowcase and just pulled out a section at a time to work on. 

I have been sewing bindings down by machine but this way looks much better. Thought I would give it a try again. I'm pretty slow but I'll pick up speed after I do it awhile.

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