Friday, March 18, 2016

What I've been reading

...this book by Mindy Kaling..."Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?".

I first noticed Mindy Kaling as an actress on the TV show "The Office", which is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.
She didn't have a huge part in the show but she played her character perfectly and stole the show when she was in a scene.

Then I noticed in the credits that she was also a writer for the show. That really impressed me...that she was so talented that she could write and act.

So when I saw that she had written this book, a sort of comedy/memoir, I knew I would enjoy reading it.

The book is a collection of humorous essays...about her childhood and school years, and then about how she got into acting and writing for television.

I think her target audience of readers is young women and this book would be fine for any teen to read. There are no drunken Hollywood parties or one night stands.
In fact, just the opposite. Ms Kaling tells how she became successful through hard work and sacrifices.

It's a quick and enjoyable read.

Mindy Kaling is in a newer TV show called "The Mindy Project", which she developed and writes. I have never been able to watch it, even though it's in the fourth season.
Hopefully I'll catch it as reruns one of these days.

The back cover of this book says she also has a second book coming out. I will read that one too, if I see it at the library or find a cheap used copy!

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