Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Quilter's Day Out

This past Saturday, the Mt. Washington Quilting Bees participated in an annual event for quilters in our region, called Quilters Day Out.

Originally, this event was for members of area quilt guilds to gather together to show and share their projects and exchange information and techniques.
Now it's grown into a much larger affair with vendors of fabric, patterns, sewing machines, quilting machines and so forth, setting up booths to sell their products.
There are also nationally known quilters who are there to give an educational talk or to show their quilts.
And lots more!
People come from all over and even from out of state for this show.

I had to make a short day of it this year, so I really only saw the room where the different quilt clubs had their booths.
I got there early so everyone was still getting set up.

Each group has a couple of tables and a back drop to show off their quilts.

These aisles were really crowded once they opened for the show.

Lots of nice quilts!

This group, Log Cabin Quilters, had a really nice display. Do you notice that many of their hanging  quilts have a star design?  They had a group challenge that each member would make a quilt using that particular star pattern, but create their own unique quilt.  a lot of creativity and skill there!

These Christmas tree wall hangings were in that same booth. Cute!

 Not much going on down this aisle yet.

And here is Mt Washington Quilting Bees booth.  We really played up the "Bee" theme this year. Many of our members have made a quilt with the giant bee on it. ( I started mine but haven't finished it).
That's our president, Carol, in the Bee costume.

And here is Carol with the toss game that I am usually in charge of. Ladies try to toss a fabric fat quarter through the hole...if it goes through they get to keep it.

It's fun to see their excitement when someone wins, but I only got to spend about an hour helping out with the game before I had duty at the admissions table...then had to leave for the day after that.
That's okay...I probably saved myself some money by not going through the vendor area!

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