Friday, March 4, 2016

new burger place

I'm really mixed up on the weather because I thought the forecast was for mild and rainy days. Instead we had snow falling yesterday.
The ground was warm enough that it melted immediately.

I had cooked up a pot of soup - trying out a new recipe, but since it was our finance class day, we decided to stop for something to eat on the way home from that.

Lonnie had his mouth all set for a WW Cousins burger, but when we got to the one on our side of town, we found that location is permanently closed. We sure didn't want to drive across town to the other location, so we tried out "Five Guys" hamburgers, nearby.

I'm not sure how long this burger place has been open. Probably everyone else has already tried them out.

When you walk in the door, the first thing you see is a stack of boxes of peanuts. You can just help yourself to them. Just scoop some into one of the little cardboard trays.

The next thing you notice is 50 lb. bags of potatoes stacked in the dining area. They use them for their fresh cut fries.

The service was great...polite and well trained employees.  
The menu was simple - burgers, fries, hot dogs, shakes, cokes.
They emphasize that their food is good quality and freshly prepared...and it was good -  but pricey.
Two burgers and a shared, huge order of fries, was about $15.

All the food orders are put into paper bags, whether you are eating there or taking it to go.
That burger on the left was mine.  I like 'em sloppy! I asked for "everything" on there - plus jalapenos!

It was fun to try something new but this won't end up on our list of favorite places to eat.

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