Tuesday, March 15, 2016

wind damage

I was just showing off the fringey little blooms on my witch hazel tree - and now I walk out and find several broken branches on it.

At first I thought deer had vandalized the tree, but on closer inspection I think this is wind damage. It's not just the tips bitten off - but larger areas of the branches with this splintered twisted look.

That's disappointing, but I will just need to keep it pruned to a rounded compact shape to prevent this.

A fairly large branch fell from a Sassafras tree. Good thing no one was sitting in the swing!

I see woodpeckers have been at work on this pear tree. Look how evenly spaced those holes are! I was tempted to go get the tape measure to compare the distance between each of them.
That is some precision wood pecking!

All this rain and warmer weather is giving the grass a good head start on spring.  I'm so glad to see the green back again!

I'm happy the daylight savings time is in effect again too! Wish we would keep it year round.

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