Saturday, March 12, 2016

thinking about digging in the dirt

"Brave" is always the word that comes to mind when the first daffodils start blooming each spring. They persistently ignore what ever snowy, cold, rainy weather we are having to show off their cheery yellow blooms.

I see that I need to make a change in this particular flower bed though. 
I had planted a mixture of mini daffodils and regular sized ones, thinking I would have a longer period of blooms...since they bloom at different times.
That's working okay, but I see that the mini daffodils will probably become "lost" as the regular ones form larger clumps each year.

I either need to move all the minis to the outer perimeter...or take the regular sized ones out and put them somewhere else.

I try to keep up with thoughts and plans like this in my garden journal...

It's a loose leaf binder that I use to help me remember what plants I have, and where they are planted.
I tape the plant label to a page and write notes telling the year I bought it, when to prune it, how big it's supposed to get and so forth.

Of course, I am always a little behind, but a couple of times during the growing season, I will page through and make notes. 
Maybe something like "slow to leaf out", or "moved over by back porch", or "no blooms this year", and so forth.

If a plant dies out, I pull the page and add it to the "failures" list in the back...or I might think it's worthwhile to try it again.
During the summer, I make a list of changes I want make the next spring before plants get too big to move.
The daffodils will need to be moved after they have finished blooming this year though, and after the foliage dies back.

Hey, look, there's a couple of catalogs I stuck in here earlier this year!
Hmmm, I haven't ordered anything new for spring planting yet.  Maybe I should look through and see if there's anything interesting.

While I'm at it, I'll just check that website that I like to order plants from. I think there were some things I left off my order last year.

Now that's a good way to spend a rainy day!

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