Tuesday, March 8, 2016

what I've been working on

Sorry, I can only show the back of the quilt right now...but it's a good time to talk about how I begin free motion quilting on a pin basted quilt.
Not  because I think I am an expert or anything, this is just what I found works well for me.

 I quilt with the pieced side up...not the back...that way I can try to sew across as many fabric intersections as possible, because those areas are thicker and sometimes tend to pouf up...plus I think doing that makes a stronger quilt.

I choose a spot near the center and just start quilting out toward one of the sides. when I get to the edge, I go back and start from that same starting point and go toward the opposite side...continuing until I have a "plus sign" area of quilting with 4 quadrants left to fill in.

I quilt these from the center out, too, and that helps to smooth and push the fabric outward.

The color is showing more true below.  I was able to finish up this last section last night. Next is the binding!

On that last quilt that I made, I accidentally sewed over a safety pin. First time for me and I intend to make it the last time.
I was in my "zone", quilting away then suddenly a horrible sound from the machine and a bent needle! It scared me to death!  
Fortunately my machine was fine and my heart stopped pounding in a while. 

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