Monday, March 21, 2016

vernal eqinox

That means it's officially spring!

The sun rises due east and sets due west exactly 12 hours later.

I came to a realization that I need to stop transplanting daffodils!

My dad's birthday comes the day after (today, the 21st).  Happy Birthday, Pa! 

Lovely skies!

We started spring off with bratwurst and sausages cooked outside on the grill for Sunday dinner.
We had sauteed onions and peppers to put on them, and side dishes of homemade macaroni salad, pinto beans with ham, cauliflower with cheese, and crash hot potatoes.

Later for dessert we had slices of my dad's homemade Christmas fruit cake and Salted Caramel cookies (from a mix).

Chilly and wet outside though!  We noticed the furnace kept kicking on all day.
Even though it's spring on the calendar, we still need to be ready for anything weather-wise!

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