Saturday, March 26, 2016

getting ready for Easter

The first sign that Easter is coming is a long line at the ham store.

They move everyone through pretty fast, though.
The thing I like best about Honey Baked Ham is that I can always package up a lot of the scraps and trimmings and put them in the freezer for soup....bean soup, cabbage soup, potato soup, split pea soup...and more!

I actually got out my Easter decorations this year!  This as about all I have. As you might guess - I'm not big on decorating!

I went ahead grabbed the Easter baskets while I was digging around for the other stuff.  I like to fix up a basket of candy for my husband and sons each year.

I was getting ready to tell you how these are the same Easter baskets that my sons have been getting on Easter for their entire lives...but I see from this picture taken in 1979, that the taller basket was different.

That one was Chopper's (on the right). The straw basket belongs to the baby Sasquatch (on the left).

So, today I'm  off to the store to buy some candy. I can't buy it too far ahead or I will be tempted to eat some of it.
Hope there are some of those malted eggs still available!

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