Thursday, March 31, 2016

the lawn mowing begins

When I looked at the weather forecast for this week, Wednesday looked like a good day to do the first lawn mowing of the year. Warm, but cloudy.

Strange to be cutting grass when the when the Weather Channel said we had over 8" of snow on that same date in 1987! I will gladly take the warmer weather instead!

A lovely sunrise with just a few clouds...

The dew on the grass doesn't completely dry until nearly mid day, so in the meantime, I made a pot of Split Pea Soup, using some of my leftover Easter ham.  It was ready to reheat for dinner when the mowing was finished.

While my soup was simmering, I looked online for a recipe to make bread pudding from some blueberry bagels that have been hanging around in my fridge for too long.

Whatever you can imagine...someone has tried...sure enough, there was a recipe for that very thing.

You can see the recipe here 

The recipe called for additional fresh or frozen blueberries, too. But I didn't have any so I chopped up a rotten  an over ripe banana and added it.
I wasn't optimistic about it, but it actually tasted pretty good.  In fact, I scooped out this serving only to try to get a good photo - but then I took a bite and ended up eating the whole bowl.

tastes better than it looks

Finally, I did get outside to mow.  A nice warm afternoon but a little cloudy and windy.

 Later, I noticed two butterflies on the lilac bush, even though the flowers are not yet fully opened.
They had to hang on tight with the wind blowing!

Not a good pic...the butterfly is upside-down (looking like a pirate's hat).

Now rain for today...back to spring cleaning!


  1. Made some orange lentil soup this week instead of the ususl split pea. Used tumeric, as yourself, to boost the color. Started with diced ham bits & diced onion. Brief hit with the stick blender when done. For interest I added a bit of curry powder.

    1. That sounds good right now! I've tried red lentils but haven't seen yellow...except maybe in those tubular cellophane soup mix packages in the Kosher section at the grocery. (haven't seen those in a while either).

      Cooler weather the rest of the week..more soup would be good!