Tuesday, March 22, 2016

out for a drive

Lonnie and I haven't been on a long drive since we took one on New Years Day.  So we decided to get out and look around a bit yesterday.
It was a perfect day for it...a sunny, blue skies type of day and trees were blooming white and pink everywhere.

I think these are Bradford Pear trees?  So pretty against the deep blue sky!

When I suggested a drive, I did have sort of an ulterior motive.  I asked it we could make the Whittles Fabric store our "turn around" point...so I could just dash inside and see if they had a particular shade of brown fabric I needed for an upcoming quilt.

I had the store all to myself. I felt sort of bad for the two ladies working in the store with no customers to wait on.  
So I got a few more cuts of fabric to help them out!  (ha ha!) 

Really though, I will use those neutral prints in the quilt ,too.

On the way back we just stuck with Hwy 31W for the scenic tour...through Cave City...where we passed those famous teepee motel rooms, "Wigwam Village".

It's been there nearly 80 years!   
See that black car below? They had pulled off the road to take photos, too.

On we went, through Horse Cave and on to Munfordville, where my husband spotted this sign for a BBQ joint.

As I have mentioned here before...my husband will skid sideways in the road to pull in somewhere for barbecue!  When he saw this smoker wagon outside he was optimistic about getting a good pulled pork sandwich. 

That is his happy face!  Pulled pork, pinto beans and turnip greens, served with a plate sized piece of fried cornbread.

I had pulled pork tacos. Unusual but tasty.

Friendly service and lots of food...but overall the pork didn't rate up there with the best. It was bland and not at all smokey tasting.  Nice and lean, though.

Back on the road Lonnie noticed my name in this store window.  Funny because I hardly ever come across any other Darlas.  The shop was closed on Monday or I would have went in to meet me her.

Plenty of daylight left so we continued on through Elizabethtown and Radcliff...then near Ft. Knox, where you can catch a glimpse of the US Bullion Depository.  That's it below...that's where all that gold is stored!

On through Muldraugh and West Point with an occasional view of the Ohio River before we cut over and headed on home.

We need to do this more often!  Even if we don't include a fabric buying stop!

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