Friday, March 11, 2016

black bean chipotle soup

If you are a Kroger customer you probably receive the "mymagazine" booklet from them.  It has food articles, recipes and coupons.

I usually look through them and get the coupons - but I would prefer that instead of printing and mailing me a glossy magazine, they just use that money to keep food prices lower in the store.

I did tear out this recipe for Black Bean Chipotle Soup in a recent issue, mostly because I noticed it called for "chipotles in adobo sauce". 
I don't normally use those but I've had a can of them in the cabinet for a couple of years. Whatever recipe I originally bought it for has long since vanished...and I wasn't sure how to use them...until now.

It turns out that you use only one of the chipotle chilis from the can - not the whole can. You puree the chili with part of the black beans in the recipe, than add that back to the soup. 
They are that spicy hot!

So now what to do with the rest of the can?

I laid them out separately on a sheet of waxed paper, rolled them up and put them in a baggie in the freezer. It should be easy enough to take out one or two peppers when I want to use them.
If I can remember they're in there.

But back to the soup. It was good and I think we could have handled another pepper in it.

It was even better tasting the next day!  (A dollop of sour cream stirred in could only make it even better).

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