Friday, March 25, 2016

quilt group night

Lonnie and I had our "wisdom based retirement" class in the afternoon, then we stopped for a bite to eat, so I was a little late getting to Crazy Quilters at the extension office.

It was just a skeleton crew of us there...many of our members were out for various reasons... only about half the group showed up.

Three of us brought our completed February blocks...

 Someone in the community had brought boxes and bags of yarn (maybe from an estate?) into the extension office for anyone who wanted to take some.  This is only about half of it - it's what was left after other groups had taken what they wanted.  Some of it was whole skeins - some was scraps and partial bundles.

I tried to stop myself from bringing any of it home but seeing all that yarn made me want to crochet I did fill up a bag with some blues and grays and a dark pink.
The yarn didn't have any stains or odors but I'll probably wash it before I use it.

Let's see what everyone is working on.....
Joan is making pillowcases for a children's charity ( I can't remember which one).
Very cute with kid-friendly fabrics!  The one in her machine is rolled up as she sews a french seam. 

Lee was working on an embroidery project called "red work" because it's all done in red thread. She is restarting it after having a problem with a background fabric the first time around. 

Louise was organizing fabrics and charts for her "Dear Jane" quilt.  It's a quilt pattern based on an antique quilt. There are lots of small intricate blocks!

Louise is sewing them all by hand and she has a pretty big stack of them finished...but still lots more to go. 

She has developed a system of keeping up with fabrics used and blocks finished...all organized in a binder.

Isolde is getting ahead by bringing fabrics to get started sewing on her March block. 

I had just brought some hand sewing since I didn't have as much time as usual after getting there late.
We had some heavy rain and strong winds just as it was getting dark. A good evening to be inside sewing and chatting!

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